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Rethinking composite recycling with Swancor's innovative solutions

Swancor’s new products EzCiclo and CleaVER offer solutions which enable recycling and reuse of composite parts - a system which can be very useful is the wind energy, transportation, or sports industry.

In the evolving landscape of sustainability, a major difficulty for the global composites industry is the dilemma of recycling composite structures. Many companies are working to find solutions to this emerging challenge.

Enhancing the recycling processes of composites

During the last years, the Taiwanese company Swancor contributed to the advancement of composite recycling with a technology for which the company was named the 2023 JEC Composites Innovation Awards Winner

Swancor, represented in the Northern European region by distributor Bjørn Thorsen A/S, has developed a cutting-edge recyclable composite solution consisting of “EzCiclo” epoxy resin and “CleaVER” technology. These innovations enable recycling in composite applications like wind turbines, sporting goods, transportation, etc.

Kasper Jalander, Sales Director at Bjørn Thorsen A/S, which is also distributing Swancor’s standardized range of vinyl ester and epoxy resins, highlights the complexity of the composite industry's recycling dilemma and the interest which EzCiclo and CleaVER have sparked at customers. "The challenge for the composite industry in general is the recyclability of the materials because a composite contains several materials, such as a carbon or glass fiber, together with matrix materials like vinyl ester, polyester, epoxy or other resins," says Jalander. "We have sent samples to a number of companies and, even though the product is currently at an early stage, customers have shown big interest in the concept” continues Jalander.

EzCiclo recyclable thermosetting epoxy resin and CleaVER technology

Swancor’s two new products, EzCiclo and CleaVER, offer solutions which enable recycling and reuse of composite parts. EzCiclo, a recyclable and reusable epoxy resin, was invented by Swancor in 2021 and solved the problem of non-recyclability of thermosetting epoxy resin since its invention in 1935. It has also dispelled the negative stigma surrounding fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) or composite materials. When used in conjunction with glass or carbon fiber composites, it could be recycled and degraded via CleaVER technology. 

Utilizing CleaVER technology, end-of-life composites undergo a transformative process. Fibers are separated from resins, paving the way for their reuse into new applications. The resin is recycled into an oligomer which is then used to produce the corresponding resin again. Before the actual degradation process, the FRP must be cut into smaller pieces, so it can fit into the reactor and speed up the degradation process. This Swancor innovation can be applied across a range of industries, like: wind energy, sporting, or transport industries and manufacturing processes like: infusion, pultrusion, prepreg, filament winding, hand-lay-up and others.

Discover the advantages of Swancor's recycling system, the case study of wind turbine blades and Swancor’s contribution to zero-carbon era in the full article on Bjørn Thorsen's page. 

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Kasper Jalander
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