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Functional Black Pigments for Effective Solar Heat Management

With solutions for solar heat management, Sun Chemical, a leader in the pigment industry, empowers modern design possibilities. While dark surfaces with standard black pigments intensively absorb solar energy and convert it to heat, functional black pigments can be used to formulate systems that reflect sun radiation.

These innovative pigments from Sun Chemical not only absorb solar energy but also reflect sun radiation, ensuring cooler surfaces and unlocking a multitude of benefits in various applications:

Roof Tiles: Cooler roofs, improved living space, increased tile lifespan.
Exterior Insulation: Reduce surface temperatures, prevent cracks and deformations.
Window Frames: Better structural integrity for larger windows.
Entrance & Garage Doors: Maintain temperature, structural integrity, and increase durability.
Automotive: Cooler interiors, reduced energy consumption, enhanced comfort.
Asphalt Coatings: Support cool city projects, fight urban heat island effect.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Flexibility in color design while reducing thermal load.
  • Increased lifetime of coated surfaces.
  • Maintained constructional strength under solar irradiation.
  • Reduced energy costs for cooling.
  • Enhanced personal thermal comfort.
  • Combat urban heat island effects.

Learn more about Sun Chemical's Solar Heat Management Pigments here.

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