Santoprene™ TPV inspires innovation for electrical industry

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Compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations, Santoprene TPV delivers performance and processing benefits to meet the needs of even the most demanding electrical applications.

Santoprene TPV offers customers a significant competitive advantage in electrical applications. Ranging from flexibility, electrical performance, versatility, and innovation, Santoprene TPV is designed to meet a wide range of evolving electrical needs.

Key performances and benefits
- Flexibility: Easy installation especially in compact space
- Electrical performance: Provide electrical insulation performance in low voltage (<1kV)
- Versatility: Meet combination of needs in performance, processing, and cost in broad range of electrical applications
- Innovation: Enables to achieve new requirements from emerging market trends and applications.

To learn more, please download the fact sheet from Exxonmobil Chemical.

Bjørn Thorsen A/S – distributor of Santoprene TPV
Bjørn Thorsen A/S is distributor of Santoprene TPV in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, Ireland, and Iceland. For more information about products, please click here or contact one of our experts.


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