Case Study: How to eliminate buildup in injection molding

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Lusin® MC1718 from Chem-Trend minimizes buildup in injection molding. A new case study from Chem-Trend shows how it works.

A custom injection molder of heavy, surface sensitive white parts cut mold maintenance hours, reduced scrap rates and improved part surface quality by using Lusin® MC1718.

In this case, careful and labor-intensive refurbishing was necessary every two weeks due to heavy buildup of residues in the mold cavities. Lusin® MC1718  was tested given its proven capability to substantially minimize buildup in the mold. 

The product was  applied directly to the mold cavity. After some reacting time, polymer buildups were softened and pulled from the mold through the process of producing parts. This method allowed quick and easy cleaning and extended the time between cleaning cycles to six weeks.

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