Dn Solutions DNM 200-5AX


The DNM 200-5AX is a high performance 5-axis vertical machining center designed for easy operation even for users who have no previous experience of 5 axis machining.

The DNM 200-5AX is a game changer whether you are machining full 5-axis or 4+1 prismatic parts. 5-axis is the future of manufacturing, and by reducing setups, increasing throughput and efficiency, you are expanding your opportunities, which leads to higher profits.

The versatility of the DNM 200-5AX means it can be used for high-accuracy machining, heavy metal removal and fine finishing operations. So, if you are looking for an entry into 5-axis machining, there is simply no better choice than the DNM 200-5AX Series.

The DNM 200-5AX can be supplied with either a Fanuc, Heidenhain or Siemens control.

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