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Medical Plastic Production

17. januar 2024

We have for many years served the medical industry with prototypes for medical devices, and with an increasing customer need for more parts for development purposes and later for clinical runs and initial quantities for market, ML made the decision to expand in this area and develop a full blown medical production to serve these needs.

This expansion started in 2017 and today we have a whit room with 9 injection moulding machines supported by a significant quality department.

With this decision came also a focus on quality control and management system followed by equipment for measuring parts.

The 9 Injection moulding machines are supported by 7 robots, 4 box exchanger systems, multiple tool water heaters up to 180º C and multiple material dryers.

Every machine can be equipped with a screw ranging from Ø15mm to Ø35mm giving a very large flexibility, where we can cover shot weights from Micro components and up to 110 grams.

We have 2 machines with 2-shot capability and also a large experience in building tools for 2-shot moulding.

The white room is equipped with an air lock with gowning, a ventilation system providing filtered and cooled air, and overpressure.

It is expected that this facility will be class 9 cleanroom certified by end of 2023.

The Plastic Production is prepared for ISO 13485 certification, which we expect to have in place by end of 2022.

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