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17. januar 2024

To save time and costs we offer you to use our Standard Mold Base System, which has been developed over many years and now include a wide range of configurations:

• Cold-runner, single open nozzle, valve gate and 3-plate.
• Pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical side actions
• 2 and 3-step ejection
• 1-Shot, 2-Shot and 3-Shot molding using Babyplast and Boy units

Our Mold Base system is continuously improved, and new features are added, in order to meet our customer’s needs.

Mostly we are using pre-hardened steel for the components to accommodate requirements such as type of injection, surface quality, advanced movements etc.

We have always in mind to get as close as possible to the configuration of a production tool.

High quantity of prototypes

If you would like to extend the numbers of prototypes for further development or even to go to the marked we can arrange that, then we will setup a level of quality control that fits to the product.

Michael Lundbech A/S

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