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The food and beverage industry: Create value together going to the cloud

Like other industries, food & and beverage companies must initiate strategy planning and change management at the very start of bringing their business systems to the cloud. That’s the best way to avoid additional costs, effort, and business interruption. And the trick is to define value with a people mindset.

We look at how you can increase the possibility of reaching your business goals by identifying where the true and sustainable value will come from.  

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Major trends in the food and beverage industry
The food and beverage industry has undergone its fair share of change over the past few years. Most recently, the soaring costs of energy, fertilizer, animal feed, and transport have added additional pressure on food businesses to streamline production processes while still providing high-quality products.

Understand and engage your target groups
Moving your business systems to the cloud is fundamentally about change for the better, but change isn’t something that just happens. Change must be managed to avoid shocks as the project rolls out and to ensure your business’s needs have been identified and addressed in detail. Managing change, and exploiting the value of your cloud platform, is about overcoming the possible restraint and reluctance among the future users of the system, it’s about adoption.

Driving value and change with industry specifics in mind
Engaging the users early and mapping out their change journey will motivate them and help all parties identify what the user benefits can be. The key is to offer convenient and relevant information to the right people at the right place and time.

Planning and preparation
High failure rates are often not the project’s fault. The problems typically start at the planning and preparation stage. The essential stages are sometimes omitted because they’re either seen as obvious or management believes the issues will resolve themselves.

Customer preferences
One of the most common reasons companies want to change is to seek a better understanding of available data to improve their business decisions.

Food and beverage organizations want to understand their customers better, including customer insights and focus on customer preferences. The challenges they have is to know what to do with the available data; how to integrate information, how to provide more efficiency, save cost, and automate as much as they can.

Customer Stories: Great value chain and animal welfare
A great example of creating value in the cloud is the Norwegian chicken producer Norsk Kylling. The company aims to be climate neutral by 2030, and the ambition is to create the world’s best value chain. This includes improving animal welfare by using a slower growing chicken, giving them better space and daylight.

Do you want to know more? Read the full blog post or find information about the future of the food industry here.   

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